Rustic Country Guest House

incorporates elements reminiscent of the main house

Charm and elegance abound in this fully-functioning five-bedroom guest house that derives its design cues from its mountain surroundings and weathered barns that dot the landscape.

Project Type

New construction

Distinguishing Fact

A magnificent great room timber frame consisting of 3,967 board feet of Douglas Fir


Douglas fir, reclaimed oak, bluestone, oak ridge fieldstone

Harris guest house back
Harris guest house vanity

The term “guest house” does not fully capture the size or scale of this home, which spans two stories and boasts over 7,000 square feet of heated space. Located up the hill from the main house, which was also built by ILEX, the traditional architecture features barn-like elements and shares similar exterior finishes of local fieldstone and metal roofing with the main house.

The heart of the home is the spectacular great room, which is crowned by a majestic timber frame that rises 28 feet high at the peak of its interior gable. Made from 3,967 board feet of Douglas fir, the timber frame is supported on four large trusses that span the width of the room. The wooden braces are arched in order to soften the overall effect, and all of the connections are made from mortise and tenon joinery along with wooden pegs and timber screws. Complementing the timber frame is a large stone fireplace that extends up the full height of the end wall.

The remainder of the guest house includes an airy kitchen and dining room with both a pantry and butler’s pantry, two powder rooms, a mudroom and laundry area, five bedrooms and baths, and a garage. The combination of wooden floors and unfinished wooden casework punctuate the rustic aesthetic. The floors are made from “hit and miss” reclaimed wood with an oil finish, and the custom casework was made by a local cabinet maker, who also made the built-in bunk beds in the whimsical children’s bedroom. Next to the great room is a covered outdoor patio made from thermal treated select bluestone for year-round enjoyment.

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